10 Futuristic Methods Of Transportation


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Fifty years ago, everyone thought we’d have cured all diseases, elected our first female president, and invented mass-market transporters for everyone to own and enjoy. While we’re still working to solve the world’s problems and we may not have as much technological advances as past generations had hoped, we’re actually closer to developing more futuristic technologies than you would think.

With hoverboards and streamlined air travel, rocket packs and never-ending elevators, we stand on the brink of some of the most exciting technological advancements in centuries. It’s only a matter of time before super-sonic commutes become as common as super-sonic traffic jams. In just a few short years, we could be seeing solar-powered boats zoom through ocean currents en masse and vacuum-sealed trains rocket across continents on regularly scheduled trips. Sure, we don’t live in floating cities, nor do we own sassy robot-maids with hearts of metallic gold, but we do have working prototypes of flying cars. So take that, Jetsons! And if you thought the comforts afforded to characters from Star Trek were always going to stay science fiction, then think again!

These means of transportation are still in prototypical phases at the moment, but let’s celebrate what we do have: the desire to invent something better. It’s our curiosity that keeps us alive, helps us solve previously insoluble mysteries, and gives us the chance to reach further and dream bigger than ever before. Join the Hub as we take a trip and explore new ideas previously deemed impossible. Ride these 10 Futuristic Methods of Transport and see for yourself!


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