10 New Means of Transportation That Will Shape the Future of Travel


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The world around us is going through fast changes since infrastructure has been the driver for development throughout the human history, our transport is bound to evolve. How do you think the future passenger vehicles will look like? We’ veg or the answer for you: emission free, autonomous, incredibly smart, quite fast and rather compact. In this episode we included examples of various types of vehicles including self-piloted automobile that will replace your living room, passenger drones, public transportation buses and superfast trains.so Prepare for another trip into the future, but before we depart consider subscribing to our channel, no to miss upcoming content! Lets roll!

To find out more about the amazing vehicles on this list, follow the links below!
Sedric: goo.gl/NxuVmR
Hyperloop: goo.gl/ChvWnC
NAVYA ARMA: goo.gl/5j3bzv
Audi Aicon Concept: goo.gl/Z25ML7
Smart Vision EQ Fortwo: goo.gl/SzpC2K
Mercedes Benz Citaro E-Cell: goo.gl/BqmZ1i
Renault Symbioz Concept: goo.gl/RLmtku
Peugeot Instinct: goo.gl/dExM2u
Nio Eve: goo.gl/bFhdbd
Aurora VTOL: goo.gl/nUgBbd


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