Charged EVs | EPA issues draft performance requirements for ENERGY STAR DC fast charger specification


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EPA issues draft performance requirements for ENERGY STAR DC fast charger specification

Vehicle chargers that earn the ENERGY STAR label are independently certified to save energy, based on criteria set by the EPA. The agency started with Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, and is currently in the process of expanding eligibility to include DC fast chargers. Work on a test method has been completed, and draft performance requirements were distributed this summer for comment from industry stakeholders.

The proposed requirements address: equipment scope; energy efficiency during charging; maximum standby power losses; safety requirements; optional communications standards for demand response-capable products; and testing lab requirements.

The goal is to promote energy-efficient EV charging in addition to establishing accurate, repeatable test methods that provide user groups, states, counties and utilities with a common set of product performance values to compare. The end result of this process will be a voluntary standard that manufacturers of DC fast chargers can meet to receive ENERGY STAR certification for their products. Additional drafts of the requirements will be released as needed, and finalization is expected by late 2020 or early 2021.

Manufacturers wishing to participate in the process and receive the latest documents can contact the EPA at evse@energystar.gov or Kwon.James@epa.gov.   

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