Engineering Newswire 59: Personal Jetpack Redesign Saves Pilot from Catastrophic Failure


by Kivi



Today on Engineering Newswire, we’re re-designing the Martin Jetpack, sending MIT students to space, tailoring toothbrushes for your teeth, and riding in one great big balloon.

•Barcelona-based zero2infinity took another decisive step towards space tourism and the development of its high performance stratospheric balloon systems when it launched microbloon 3.0. Manufactured by Thin Red Line Aerospace, the inflatable pod took off in ideal conditions in Cordoba and spent 3 hours and 10 minutes in the sky, ultimately landing on target about 37 miles north of the airport.
•A group of MIT students designed a proof-of-concept model for a vehicle that can imitate gravity. Naturally, it’s difficult to test imitation gravity when you’re in actual gravity, so the team looked to NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program.
•Engineers at Blizzident have created a toothbrush that is tailor-made with 3D technologies to fit into a person’s mouth. By using a 3D scan to create the brush, the Blizzident-bristles are aligned at a 45 degree angle to the surface of your teeth and your gumline. There are even interdental bristles to clean the gunk out from between your teeth.
•New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company has recently re-designed the Martin Jetpack, changing the position of the ducts to help improve the jetpack’s performance and maneuverability. The P12 is the twelfth prototype, and it is fully certified for man flights as a Class 1 micro light.

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