H3X Water Jetpack! | Use Your Jetski For Personal Flight!


by Kivi



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Episode 22 – H3X Water Jetpack! | Use Your Jetski For Personal Flight!

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Like I said I always wanted a jetpack system ever since I was a young kid. Ever since I saw the movie The Rocketeer. Personal flight with a personal jetpack was always a distant dream!

Well with the invention of the water jetpack, that dream was made a reality!

The H3X Water Jetpack works with your PWC (Personal Water Craft) like a Seadoo, Jetski or Yamaha.

It works by taking all the water thrust from the PWC and redirecting it up a 4 inch fire hose. Sending all the water into the jetpack and out the two water jets which give you thrust to actually fly.

The H3X is made by a company located in in China called X-Jetpacks. The kit cost me $8500 which included the Jetpack unit itself, 50ft hose, U bend and quick steering adapter.

The company also makes a foot mounted jetpack kit called the Jetblade. Although this unit looks like a lot of fun to fly, I have a bad right knee and this would just be asking for trouble flying it.

There is also a company located in Florida called Flytronics which offers a wireless throttle kit where I can remotely control the PWC throttle. This would eliminate the need to have a throttle operator on the ski which would give you complete freedom to actually fly yourself 100% Just like the Rocketeer did in the movie!

I’m excited to be involved in the is new emerging genre of water sports. It will be great to see how the sport progresses and what advancement are made.

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