Lamborghini Hoverboard Unboxing/Review


by Kivi



Hey guys! Here is my unboxing/first impressions/review of the Lamborghini Hoverboard!! I hope you enjoy the video!

Update: After riding this and getting use to riding it, I LOVE the hoverboard and I’m so glad I picked this one over other hoverboards I was looking at. I love the way it looks, good build quality and I am also a car enthusiast so the Lamborghini rims and sound is pretty sweet! (haha dream car!)

Here are some more details about the hoverboard:

Off-Road Lamborghini Hoverboard
8.5″ wheel 400W motro power
36V Li-ion power battery
Max speed up to 9.32MPH
Max loading up to 264lb
9.32 miles Range of full charge
2.5h full charging time
Max climbing up to 15 degree
Self Balancing Scooter

I bought mine from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MiLN13

Here is the other Lamborghini hoverboard I mentioned in the video: https://amzn.to/2JY8LZJ
(This one is meant for pavement)


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