The Future Of Transportation – Incredible Technology To Come


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You will see what is the future of transportation.
Actually,our cities have a lot of problems.Smogs,pollutions and traffic jams are some of these issues. They prevent a good quality of life in big cities. However there are some proposals to fix these problems. These technologies are the future of transportation.
These technologies will change the world forever

1-The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
What urban public transport will look like in the future is shown by the semi-automated city bus with CityPilot – it operates even more safely, efficiently and comfortably than conventional buses. Connectivity plus camera and radar systems with data fusion are catapulting the city bus into the future. Mercedes-Benz is showing this spectacular technology on an equally spectacular technology platform, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot.The CityPilot is able to recognise traffic lights, communicate with them and safely negotiate junctions controlled by them. It can also recognise obstacles, especially pedestrians on the road, and brake autonomously. It approaches bus stops automatically, where it opens and closes its doors. And not least, it is able to drive through tunnels. The bus will be environment friendly too.

2-Transit Elevated Bus :
The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is a proposed new bus concept where a guided bus straddles above road traffic, giving it the alternative names such as straddling bus, straddle bus, land airbus, or tunnel bus by international media.

3- Automated and self-driving cars
These cars will be incredible. No need to drive them because they are self-driving and automated.They will be smart,environmment friendly,more luxurious ,prettier and safer for everyone.

4- Elon Musk underground tunnel systems
This is firstly proposed to reduce traffic jams in Los Angeles.
An incredible underground system of tunnels will connect the city.
The vehicles will ride on a big skate that will go at 200 km per hour.
This is a good solution to reduce traffic.

5 -Hyperloop
Another incredible vision of Elon Musk. The system will operate like Maglev do,but inside big tube. These tube will have low air pressure.
Due to this low pression,objects will go faster because no force will stop the speed of the object. Capsule travelling inside these tube ,could reach a speed of 1200 km per hour. In the future it could be 5000. Several Hyperloop are proposed around the world. The goal is to cut travel time and protect the planet.

6-Falcon Big Rocket by Elon Musk
These rocket are used in the rocket tested by SpaceX.
But instead to go to mars or space,they will be used to travel to a city to another. It will be the fastest travel system ever conceived.
The rocket will reach a speed of 5000 km/h. You can go to Paris to Sydney in less than 1 hour. Hong Kong to New Delhi in less than 30 minutes or New York to Los Angeles in 30 minutes too. You will reach any cities around the world in less than 1 hour.

7-Airbus Plane for 2050
It’s just beautiful. None of the plane that fly actually ,can compete with it. No words to describe how beautiful it will be.

8- Aether Cruise:
It will be the future private jet of rich.Based on an airship platform, the “Aether” cruise experience by UK-based designer Mac Byers allows guests to experience a wider range of destinations in a shorter time, all the while enjoying some of the greatest views imaginable.

9- Flying Cars
This is the biggest revolution to come. Imagine to have your personal flying car one day. It has been a long time since we wanted them and finally they are coming. Pal-V is the first car available for purchase. Aeromobil 3.0 will come in 2020 and prices start at 1.5 million$. The Terrafugia TF-X will be available in 2020.
Ehang 184 will be the first automated flying car and the sales will start in 2020.

This is the most interesting moment since the industrial revolutions in past centuries. Technologies are changing our lives,but this time for the better. This time was awaited since many decades.

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