Top 10 Futuristic Transportation Systems in World 2050 and Beyond


by Kivi



“The future of transportation is seamless mobility—where all modes of transportation are fully connected into a single, integrated network of transportation modes, with public transit at the center. This future is happening right now. We can already see it manifesting in the idea of shared mobility, where cars and bikes are borrowed instead of owned.

This paradigm shift away from ownership toward multimodality and interconnectedness capitalizes on the flexibility of shared modes and the productivity of mass transit to provide passengers with more choices than ever before on how they get around. Autonomous vehicles are also a part of the future and won’t displace mass transit.

Instead, they’ll become another option in this seamless mobility network, helping to overcome transit’s present limitations and frustrations. The transit system of the future is fluid and fuses common payment, seemingly endless permutations of mobility options, and inter-modal communication to the benefit of riders and the rider experience.”

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