VW EV lab, 2023 Lucid SUV, Bentley steers away from rare-earths: Today’s Car News


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Lucid says its SUV is on the way in 2023. Bentley aims to keep rare-earths out of its electric and electrified vehicles. And Volkswagen is putting together a U.S. lab for EV development. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The CEO of Lucid has confirmed that a Lucid SUV is due in 2023, and that a whole family of vehicles is potentially in the works based on how it’s setting up its Arizona factory. But he says “absolutely not” to contract manufacturing.

Bentley’s first fully electric car isn’t due until 2026, which would be about ten years after the brand first talked about future EVs in its product pipeline. That said, it’s shaping up to send the right message about treading lightly with aims for recyclability and no reliance on rare-earth magnets

Volkswagen says that it plans to do more than just build electric vehicles at its upcoming Tennessee plant expansion. It’s also building an adjacent high-voltage laboratory for engineering and development work.

And over at Motor Authority, Ronn Motor, building on a previous effort with a hydrogen-powered internal-combustion supercar, is returning to the current EV startup boom with an SUV powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. With manufacturing ties to China, we might be hearing from this one again.


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