Fastest Hoverboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡

who dont these hoeverboards actually hover?


Best 7.58 Day Ever 558

Clean shaven, new clothes, VR work on new project. Let’s GO!!
Chicken takes over the vlog for a DJI Mavic Pro adventure.
Back at the Spacestation we Live Stream never have I ever and open a new F1 Gyroor hoverboard. Time trials and meet the new guys. Winner keeps the hoverboard!! Then Jenny throws a suprise video game night. Smite, Rocket League, Mario Tennis, and Battlegrounds with some one wheel and Unicycle curb tricks.

Worlds Fastest Hoverboard sold here–

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Here’s some stuff we use:
Office decked out by our friends at Fully:
Desks –
Chairs –
Gaming Chairs –
Wide Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Cool Longboards:
Sweet Keyboard:
Rad Mouse:
Other Razer Stuff:

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