Personal Jet Pack Makes Debut at Air Show


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StrangePersonal Jet Pack Makes Debut at Air ShowPersonal Jet Pack Makes Debut at Air ShowThe Associated PressNew Zealand inventor Glenn Martin debuted a personal jet pack at the AirVenture event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. As thousands the inventor’s son donned a helmet, fastened himself to a prototype for a short test flight. (July 30)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:Glenn Martin, jetpack developer]IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE, NO IT’S A PERONAL JET PACK? [Notes:ryan brown, audience] “absolutely, incredible. It looks so simple.” [Notes:cliff brown, audience]”it sounded like a motorcycle engine. It’s pretty simple. It’s why you come. “THE MARTIN JETPACK, INVENTED BY NEW ZEALANDER GLENN MARTIN, MADE ITS DEBUT AT THE ANNUAL AIRVENTURE EVENT IN OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN. THE FLYING CONTRAPTION WAS THE STAR ATTRACTION AT THE EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT SHOW.MARTIN’S 16-YEAR-OLD SON PILOTED THE JETPACK FOR 45 SECONDS BEFORE AN EXCITED AUDIENCE. TWO SPOTTERS HELD IT ABOUT 3 FEET OFF THE GROUND TO KEEP IT FROM DRIFTING TOO FAR. THE MACHINE IS DESIGNED TO FLY AN AVERAGE-SIZE PERSON FOR 30 MILES IN 30 MINUTES ON A FULL 5-GALLON TANK OF GAS.”this is a unique air craft. It’s something, like no other. There’s 15 or 20 aircraft here and nothing is like this.”THE SINGLE-PASSENGER FLYING MACHINE MUST FLY UNDER FEDERAL AVIATION A REGULATIONS BECAUSE IT’S POWERED BY A PISTON-DRIVEN ENGINE. OPERATORS DON’T NEED A PILOT’S LICENCE.MARTIN IS ALREADY TAKING ORDERS. THE $100,000 JET PACKS ARE SET TO BE DELIVERED AT NEXT YEAR’S AIRVENTURE. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) (ANCHOR VOICE: DKepley————————-VIDEO PRODUCER: NHawkins——————————VIDEO SOURCE: AP————————–VIDEO APPROVAL: EFreeland——————————VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: N/A———————————-SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: AP————————————)


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