BMW Updates Pricing Of Its 2021 Lineup In The U.S.


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BMW recently announced new prices for most of its 2021 model year models in the U.S. (a few still waits for its turn) and we noted several changes among the plug-ins. Unfortunately, the changes are only up.

The prices changed in the case of 530e/530e xDrive, 745e and X3 xDrive30e, while 330e/330e xDrive and X5 xDrive45e are the same as previously. BMW i3 prices will be announced later in 2020.


  • 330e Sedan – $44,550 (no change)
  • 330e xDrive Sedan – $46,550 (no change)
  • 530e Sedan – $57,200 (up by $3,300)
  • 530e xDrive Sedan – $59,500 (up by $3,300)
  • 745e xDrive Sedan – $95,900 (up by $350)
  • X3 xDrive30e – $49,600 (up by $1,050)
  • X5 xDrive45e – $65,400 (no change)
  • i3 – $44,450 (to be announced)
  • i3s – $47,650 (to be announced)
  • i3 with Range Extender – $48,300(to be announced)
  • i3s with Range Extender – $51,500(to be announced)
  • i8 – production ended in June 2020 (close to 20,500 have been built and sold globally since 2014).

The current generation of BMW plug-in hybrids are equipped with 12.0 kWh batteries – aside from X5, which gets close to 10 kWh more and the i3 REx, which is almost its own species.


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