BMW iNext Will Be Available In Three Versions: Up To 610 Horsepower


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BMW knows it needs to get the production version of the iNext (possibly called iX) right because it will face some stiff electric SUV competition. So it needs to look good, be technologically advanced, have good range and charging capacity, as well as outright performance.

And on the last front, it seems the iNext will be right up there with the most powerful SUVs. According to BMW Blog, it will be sold in three power guises, with outputs ranging from around 300 to obver 600 horsepower.

More precisely, the entry level iNext will have 308 horsepower, the mid-range model will have 522 horsepower and the top of the range model will get 610 horsepower. All, even the base model, will come with a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup, although their level of performance will vary quite drastically (the most powerful version is nearly twice as powerful as the entry level model).

The same report also tells us more about the upcoming BMW electric SUV’s interior. Do you remember the touch-sensitive materials that lit up inside the concept? Well, they will apparently be a feature of the production model and they will allow occupants to interact with the car; this feature could debut on the iNext and then also be featured on other higher end BMWs (not necessarily electric models).

We still don’t know the exact reveal date for the production model (and its official production name), but BMW has confirmed that series production will commence in July 2021 and it will go on sale in Europe shortly thereafter; the U.S. market will reportedly have to wait one additional year.

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