Futuristic Trends in Transport & Logistics


by Kivi



Trends and challenges in today’s Transport & Logistics industry mean evolving logistics networks must be prepared to deliver results in an ever-changing business environment.

The future of Transport and Logistics relies on the collaboration, co-creation, and coordination among companies to multiply their capacity to generate new products and services. That is co-innovation, whose results would be multiplied if approached from a cross-border perspective.

This video outlines the top trends that T&L companies will need to address in order to be successful over the next decade and beyond. It also explores some technology enhancements that will help transportation professionals overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

About Gateway TechnoLabs
Gateway Technolabs is technology solutions provider for transport and logistic industry more than a decade with client serving across Europe and North America.

Our contribution in the evolution:
– Efficient Track and Trace Systems through RFID
– 3D Image Processing and Tyre Specs Measurement
– On Board Diagnostics
– Near Field Communications
– Efficient Terminal Operating Systems
– Augmented Reality

For details please visit https://goo.gl/FJvzHV or email us at gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.com


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