Futuristic Transportation (EGA) | OUR INVENTION – LEVOPLANE | Muskaan Samal | Saraswoti Karki


by Kivi



Gems Our Own Indian School students
Saraswoti Karki and Muskaan Samal

Introducing one of the safest and self-reliant modes of transportation, LEVOPLANE.
Levoplane falls under the public transport system, with an extraordinary source that is not only eco-friendly but also eradicates pollution by effective conversion of it into electricity.
Our sole purpose is to help connect socially and geographically secluded areas like mountainous terrain, dessert, island and many other part of the world to ease out the access of goods and other rudimentary sources because we prioritize transport that enable safe and enjoyable travel to our passengers at cheap rate because here we are using a source of electric current we have developed.



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