How to UNLOCK The HoverBoard in Fortnite Save The World


by Kivi



How to UNLOCK and how to ride or get The HoverBoard in Fortnite Save The World 2019
by the way to unlock it you must first finish the storm shield defenses so you can see it ? and even before that there are multiple quest or missions you should finish like :
Collect Research equipment in a 5+ city, suburban, or indutrial zone
complete the constructor build off mission
fully explore a 3+ zone in a successful mission
eliminate 20 husks in successful missions with a melee weapon
complete a rescue the survivors missions in a 5+ zone
Search Garbage cans for lost items in a +9 city, suburban, or industril zone
build level 2 structures in successful missions in a +9 zone
Collect distress transmissions in a 9+ city, suburban, or indutrial zone
Recover 4 supply crates in successful missions in a 15+ zone
Collect mist monster data in a 15+ zone



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