PSA To Use SVOLT EV Batteries (Unofficially)


by Kivi



According to an unofficial report from China, SVOLT Energy Technology (the former Battery Business Unit of Great Wall Motor Co.) will supply EV batteries for PSA Group.

The company announced in February that it will supply more than 7 GWh of EV batteries for an undisclosed European manufacturer, and if we believe the latest news, this customer is PSA.

The 7 GWh contract is not particularly big – it’s enough for 70,000 100 kWh packs or 140,000 50 kWh packs. Probably over several years.

SVOLT is still a small player in the EV battery business, although with high ambitions to increase its battery manufacturing capacity in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, from 4 GWh per year to 12 GWh by the end of 2020, and then to 18 GWh annually.

In its primary market – Europe, PSA is willing to build two battery cell gigafactories – one in France and one in Germany, in partnership with Saft (part of Total since 2016).

Both of the plants to be ready for 8 GWh per year with an option for expansion to 24 GWh (total 48 GWh).

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