Android Live Courses S4E2 : Productivity Apps – Personal Diary(Android Jetpack)

This is yet another full app we are creating in our premium Udemy course: Android MVVM Room LiveData – Creating Several Full Projects. This is a live course we are teaching in Udemy and aims to teach you the following:

1. How to create a full personal diary productivity app.
2. Introduction to Android Jetpack components like LiveData, ViewModel, Room etc
3. Create a full material design application using Clean Architecture.
4. Full CRUD app using Model View ViewModel design pattern.
5. Store data in SQLite database using Room Data Access Layer.

The course is a Udemy course. In the course we will be covering various full app creation courses. This is suitable for you guys since these are live courses and we start from scratch all the way to finish. Registering for this course once means you will get more projects/lessons added for ever. You won’t need to pay again. We will include dozens of projects there. Here are the projects already included:

1. Daily Chores Productivity App
2. Material Personal Diary

3. More and more coming.



NB/= When you buy the course, you will get many projects now and in future for free. Also unlike YouTube, Udemy courses are much more comprehensive, step by step and always updated to latest versions for ever. You will receive those including first class support.

SOURCE CODE ONLY: If you are only interested in source code only or don’t have money then contact me here: I will send you the code.


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