10 Most Futuristic Concept Cars 2020


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Here are the Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars of 2020! The auto industry has been pumping out some pretty ambitious ideas. From the speedy Tesla roadster to the futuristic Airbus car, we have it all! On this list you will find designs from Tesla, Mercedes, Sony Vision S, Fisker, and more!

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Tenth Place: Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic
We’re kicking off our list with the Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic, Mercedes’ take on a futuristic electrical vehicle. This car looks completely sick and futuristic. Vision Urbanetic eliminates the separation between people moving and goods transport.

Ninth Place: Sony’s Vision S
While not exactly a car manufacturer, and also no intention of joining the business, Sony developed their Vision-S as a way to showcase its new connected car platform. Called Vision-S, this concept packs a number of technologies that can be used in new electric vehicles.

Eighth Place: Fisker Ocean
While not a big name such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, Fisker Ocean has produced the world’s most sustainable vehicle ever, and knowing that the future of vehicles is sustainability, it’s safe to say that they have a nice future ahead of them. Fisker debuted the Ocean at CES in 2020, and is scheduled to go on production near the end of 2021, with its platform going on to underpin two other new Fisker products.

Seventh Place: Nissan Imx Kuro
Coming in the seventh place of our list, we have the Nissan Imx Kuro.
The car first featured the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system, which represented how Nissan was changing the way cars were powered, driven and integrated into society. The innovative design of the Kuro also includes Nissan’s exclusive Brain to Vehicle technology. B2V interprets signals from the driver’s brain to assist with driving and to help the vehicle’s autonomous and manual systems learn from the driver.

Sixth Place: Jeep 4xe
As with other car manufacturers, Jeep will be switching to electrified versions of its vehicles, with the 4xe being its new, plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Renegade 4xe has been confirmed as having a 1.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mated to a six-speed automatic and a 99kW electric motor mounted on the rear subframe.

Fifth Place: Tesla Roadster
The Tesla Roadster is probably the most awaited concept car of 2020. Elon Musk has promised fantastic specs for this car, among these featuring a range of 620 miles, a top speed that surpasses 250 miles per hour and around 7,400 pounds of torque through all four wheels. It will also have zero to 60 acceleration in 1.9 seconds.

Fourth Place: Mitsubishi Emirai 4
The Mitsubishi Emirai 4 comes in at the fourth place of our list, displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show and originally given the name x Auto. It will offer both manual and autonomous driving for consumers not yet ready to let a computer take the wheel. Nonetheless, the vehicle itself does look much different to vehicle designs today.

Third Place: Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
Mercedes-Benz has done it again with their concept cars, and just by judging this car’s design is enough to warrant it a top spot in our list. This car literally looks like something used in the movie Avatar by James Cameron. As a matter of fact, Mercedes-Benz has said that the movie was this car’s inspiration.

Second Place: Airbus Pop Up
The Pop.up was designed by Italdesign and Airbus, first unveiled in Geneva on March 7th 2017. The Pop-up was marketed as the first modular, fully electric, zero emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities. Pop.Up envisages a modular system for multi-modal transportation that makes full use of both ground and airspace.

First Place: Hyundai S-A1 Urban Air Mobility
While all of the cars in our list have been fantastic and futuristic-looking, there’s nothing that screams more science fiction or future than a literal flying taxi. Hyundai is partnering with Uber to build flying taxis for the ride-hailing service, as part of the new Uber Elevate urban air travel service.


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