Charged EVs | ClipperCreek’s new HCS-D50 40-amp dual charging station

ClipperCreek’s new HCS-D50 40-amp dual charging station

EVSE manufacturer ClipperCreek has added a new 40-amp Level 2 dual charging station to its extensive line of charging equipment.

The HCS-D50 provides 9.6 kW of power. It’s designed to be installed on a single dedicated 50-amp circuit, and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. The HCS-D50 automatically splits power between two vehicles, offering up to 20 amps each when both are charging.

The HCS-D50 is available in hardwired and plug-in versions. It comes with 25-foot charging cables, each equipped with an SAE-J1772 universal connector, and features a rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure. The operating temperature range is -22° to 122° F. The charger comes with ClipperCreek’s 3-year warranty.

The ClipperCreek HCS-D50 starts at $1,479.

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