How to make your Hoverboard New with PlastiDip Paint


by Kivi



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Here is my how to video on ways to make your #HoverBoard look brand new so I painted my hover board with #PlastiDip and gave my hoverboard a custom new paint look! RoccoPiazzaVLOGS did something similar to this but I used a different paint. The paint I used (Plasti Dip) is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating that can be peeled off when desired! So I can constantly change colors!

HoverBoards may also be called: Barbie Hoverboard, Flyboard, jet powered hoverboard, hoverboard fiyat, flying hoverboard, Razor Hoverboard, IOHAWK, Swagway, Segway…. They can all be painted with PlastiDip

BTW I will be visiting Australia soon so hopefully I will have an Australian Hoverboard video coming soon! 🙂
Here is the link where you can buy the paint/PlastiDip: http://amzn.to/2e5QgF2 (This is the exact color I painted on but there are hundreds of different, cool, colors to choose from!)
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