Monster Truck HOVERBOARD!! 🚨

weird new monster hoverboard?! (we gotta Speed Test it soon)


Best Horchata Day Ever 623

We have two missions today. Mission 1, we have a weird new hoverboard that we need to hoverboard speed test. This thing has some “heighth” on it. Its to tall that we have Holladay lay down to see if we can drive over him and it fails in a bad way. battery is dead so we fix the hoverboard by charging it. Then we head outside and realize this thing is a monster truck hoverboard. So we get a second broken hoverboard to ride over and crush it!!
If you want some Monster Hoverboard ‘heighth’ — (HX Phantom)

Mission 2, tonight were having a game night. Brandon, myself, and some of our friends are getting together at the spacestation to play Destiny 2. We are doing the new Raid. One of our buddies lives in southern Utah so everyone thinks that he’s going to play with us online from there. But I talked to him we figured out a way to get him up here. So were going to surprise everyone by going to a restaurant and he’ll be behind the counter. Its going to be great to see all their faces!!

More crazy hoverboards —

Skating a Hoverboard —

Box Fort Hoverboard —

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Here’s some stuff we use:
Wide Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Cool Longboards:
Sweet Keyboard:
Rad Mouse:
DXRacer Chairs:
Other Razer Stuff:

whats been your fave hoverboard??
let us know if you got this far!! we will comment back! 🙂


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