Most Amazing Futuristic Flying Vehicles


by Kivi



From vehicles that will transport one, to ones that’ll transport many hundreds, join me as I show you 9 unusual flying vehicles that will change the world!

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9. Jet Pack
Without a doubt, one of the things that sci-fi movies and TV shows have shown us is what’s possible in the “future’, and for decades now, the idea of having a jetpack, or rocket pack, or various other personal flight items has been infinitely intriguing and desirable for humanity as a whole.

8. Jet Blimp
At one time, blimps were considered the “future of air travel”, but events like the Hindenburg proved that this was not the case. However, the future may indeed be with blimps, and one solar-powered one is being made right now. Varialift Airships is making the next generation of blimps that aren’t just solar powered, but built with jet engines.

7. Flying Armored Vehicle
In the field of combat, there are few things as scary as being pinned down by enemies with nowhere to go. In 2010, the “field of play” was the country of Afghanistan, and there, even the most stalwart of military vehicles like humvees could find themselves pinned down on all sides with no way out.

6. “Future” Concept
According to reports, the United States Army is tasking people with coming up with VERY futuristic designs and concepts for aerial vehicles that can take them to the skies in ways that current modern concepts can’t.

5. UberAir
Uber by and large is one of the best advances in service in the past decade. As it’s giving jobs to people by just having them use their own cars to get people around at a moment’s notice and with the push of an app button. But, they are always thinking towards the future, such as having self-driving cars take care of customers, and now, UberAir.

4. Porsche-Boeing VTOL
VTOL stands for “Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unit”, and it’s a general term for many kinds of flying vehicles that start off at ground level and rise into the air versus thrusting forwards and then going up. Many have tried to make them, but in 2019, Porsche revealed that they were teaming up with Boeing to truly make a VTOL unit of their own.

3. Hoversurf S3
Not all bikes need to operate on the ground, the team at Hoversurf took this to heart when they decided to make a vehicle that would quite literally take them off the ground while still somewhat feeling and operating like a motorcycle. And thus they made the Hoversurf S3.

2. Flying Yacht
Anyone who has ever ridden a boat at fast speeds knows that at times it can be a bit rough, a bit choppy, and sometimes unpleasant as you’ll get seasickness. However, the teams at Enata and Foiler have teamed up to make a Yacht that can fix all of that…by making it fly.

1. ArcaBoard
Ever since Back To The Future Part 2 came around, a question has been asked by many, “Where is my hoverboard?” ArcaBoard as of yet is one of the closest things you’ll actually get to having your own hoverboard like Marty McFly. The device is one that uses 30+ electric fans to get people a foot off the ground and go about 20 kilometers per hour.

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