Most Futuristic Flying Vehicles That Will Change The World


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Hi everybody! From planes that can land themselves to luxury yachts that can ride through the sky, here are nine unusual flying vehicles that will change the world!

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9. Flying motorcycle
Ludovich Lazareth, a French automobile designer, recently unveiled their newest hit: a flying motorcycle! Called the LVM 496 (for ‘La Moto Volante’), this motorcycle has four 1,300 horsepower turbines on its sides that enable it to fly above the ground. However, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny; at $560,000 a piece, these motorcycles are limited to those with cash to spare. And only five of them were made in their initial run.

8. Solar aircraft
In recent years, many companies have been taking stabs at the possibility of solar powered aircraft; Solar Flight Inc. focuses exclusively on producing these kinds of planes, and Swiss engineer André Borschberg and his team recently completed a number of impressive solar powered flights across the world.

7. Self-landing private jet
The cheapest private jet in the world just earned itself another selling point; the Cirrus Vision Jet now has a button that you can press to have the aircraft land itself. When you press this button, the “Safe Return Emergency Autoland System” starts working its magic, taking over control of the plane and finding the nearest airport at which to land. What’s more, this button is accessible to every passenger on board.

6. ArcaBoard
The ArcaBoard is the world’s first honest-to-goodness hoverboard! For years now, humans have fantasized about the kinds of things that you could do with a hoverboard. It seems like a mark that we would definitely be in the future! But it’s out there right now… for a price. Costing $14,900, it’s not going to be something that you can pick up at a department store. But it’s not an imitation; it’s the real deal.

5. Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner
Lockheed Martin recently announced that they were in the trial stages of production on a supersonic airplane that can house regular passengers! This would be a paradigm shift in air travel. There are currently no civilian supersonic aircraft in use, so the Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner, or QSTA, would be the first of its kind. Their engineering builds off of former work that Lockheed Martin did with NASA on a jet that doesn’t emit a big sonic boom when it goes past the speed of sound.

4. Uber Elevate
Well known ridesharing transportation app Uber is currently in the process of producing aircraft for a service that they’re calling ‘Uber Elevate’. Its main purpose will be to transport around four people at a time within heavily populated urban areas, like big cities. They’ll be able to do this by producing ‘electrical vertical take-off and landing vehicles’, or ‘eVTOLs’, which are being engineered to fly four at a time in a more energy efficient manner.

3. Airlander 10
The Airlander 10, drafted by Hybrid Air Vehicles, is only in production stages, but it’s set to be the largest aircraft in the entire world! And its ornate, luxurious interior is effectively sure to make it live up to its title of being ‘basically a flying mansion’. Equipped with lounges, bars, 10 bedrooms, and see through glass, its voyages will provide wealthy travelers with the chance to fly in style.

2. Foiler’s Flying Yacht
Enata’s Foiler flying light enables those with cash to spare to fly above the waters – well, five feet above the water to be exact. This has a number of benefits. First and foremost, long gone are the days where a trip out to sea has you worrying about getting sick. Hovering above the waters means that you’ll never have to endure that incessant rocking back-and-forth that drives so many people crazy.

1. Pal-V Liberty Flying Car
The Pal-V promises to bring together luxury and functionality into one flying vehicle that is sure to make waves when it is released. On the first note, it’s design is superb, bringing to mind the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari rather than some rag-tag assortment of parts engineered to move through the sky. With an attractive exterior and a classic interior lined with leather, not only will this car fly through the sky, but it’ll do so in style.

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