SkyWay – new generation transport system. Futuristic transport

#SkyWay – #new_generation_transport system. #Futuristic_transport

Advantages of technology Advantages of SkyWay technology are based on experience and achievements of entire humanity in the sphere of road construction and vehicle creation. adopting the best what was created before us, learning from the mistakes of others, we are creating the safest, the most cost-efficient and reliable transport system of all that have ever existed.
*Comparison with other types of transport
*Comparison with magnetic levitation train

Components of Technology Innovative nature of SkyWay technology is due to an original and effective combination of widely known engineering and technological solutions. Each separate component of SkyWay transport system is not something unique – it is the mode of component connection into the system that ensures its unprecedented design and operational features.

*Types of rails (flexible, semirigid, rigid)
*Rail structure
*Beam overpass (comparison with conventional bridge)
*Passenger unibus configuration
*Wheels (comparison with conventional ones)
*Control systems (gps, gprs, wifi, glonass, etc.)


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