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? Hoverboards and hot tubs, umbrellas and nachos
Put it all together it’s so random random random random
Mouse up in the desert with his cheese in the hot weather yo
You want sriracha chocolate that’s so random random! ?
Y’all know the FUNnel Fam is super random. But this is insane! Watch as your favorite Rando-Rapper, RAPTAIN HOOK and his half boombox, half-parrot sidekick Squawx spit fire bars that are almost as hot as the Doritos Lexi had to eat. Man oh man, that’s probably too spicy for me. Good news is you can always sooth those burning taste buds with a dip into a freezing cold pool. That’s how that works…right? Hope you like, thumbs up if you do!

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About Raptain Hook: Who takes a video you like and turns it into a banger of a song? Who be the freshest pirate on the seven seas who got you singin’ along? That’s right, its RAPTAIN HOOK! Watch as he and his half boombox-half parrot Squawx make awesome songs about your favorite Funnel Fam videos!

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Hoverboards and hot tubs, umbrellas and nachos
Put it all together it’s so random random random random
Mouse up in the desert with his cheese in the hot weather yo
You want sriracha chocolate that’s so random random (random random)

Olaf dancin’ in a dress, gingerbread be lookin’ fresh
Put it all together it’s so random random random random
Wormin’ through the kitchen, with many people to witness it
Why man this videos so random random

Ay, wassup wit y’all, the hot tubs up and on
But chase I’m gettin’ scared bro quit flexin’ them muscles dawg
Winter time and we wildin’, Baymax swag and we stylin’
Feelin’ all warm and cozy yo it’s like we went off on some island

Mike wanna jump in the big pool, but fair warnin’ yo you can’t hack it
Duddy’s so prepared, it’s so cold in there, you might wanna wear this jacket
He hopped up in and tried to be goofy and playful
So cold up in there he tried to make a snow angel

Yo catch this duck bruh, he fumbled it but it’s cool doe
That dude’s the truth so he flew the coop, and he jumped back into the pool yo
He popped up had chilled bones, warmed up a bit but it’s still cold
Probably woulda been alright but Mike my dude you forgot ya water filled coat

Ok now most of these just nacho cheese it’s all good
But some gon’ set your mouth on fire like some burnin’ wood
Chase got first ups, and it seems he got a nacho
Lex was not so lucky though, like oh goodness that’s hot yo

She got like all the spicy ones, I mean like oh my gosh
Found her underneath the faucet, that’s what I call mouth wash
Got this sriracha chocolate bar yeah that sounds kinda gross
Everybody tried it but the homie Chase was on it yo!

Mommy gotta try it since she’s hangin out here hovering
Someone get to helpin’ Lex I think she’s still recovering
Check out Mommy’s Olaf pants they fresher than a baby’s arm
Speakin’ of a baby let’s go say whattup to Baby Shawn

Yo what’s up Dallas you forgot the pizza? that’s alright
We can pop in in post no one’ll know you slacking, tight
First time on a hoverboard and I bet this here gon’ be funny
Good gracious Dallas, yo be careful don’t go breakin’ something

Dallas the ballerina pizza guy in full effect
Yo get him off that thing before he go and break his neck
He gotta be dizzy yo but he got that spin down real good
Spinnin’ yo he’s winnin’ til he went and almost broke his foot

Duddy’s out here hoverwormin’ it’s the newest craze
He’s just checkin’ the couches durability with his face
Nerf guns and a green ladder, snapple apple and red bananers
Put it all together what you got that random (random random)


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