HoverSeat DIY Mod – Hoverboard with External Bike Battery.


by Kivi



New Deluxe HoverSeat at https://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-deluxe-attachment.asp
Video shows how to replace hoverboard internal 36V 4.4Ah battery with external 36v 10Ah bicycle battery that is mounted on a HoverSeat frame. Benefits of this mod are: (1) almost 3 times longer travel range, (2) reducing risk of fire from hoverboard battery, (3) making hoverboard much lighter to move around, and (4) it is much easier to detach battery for charging, than carrying heavy hoverboard to power outlet every time you want to charge it. All around win-win!

* HoverSeat is $69, and available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp
* Hoverboars with 10″ wheels starts at $250 and up, just google “hoverboard 10”
* 36V10Ah bottle type bike battery with charger is around $220-$250 on Ebay or Amazon.
* XT60 Battery connectors are $3 on Amazon.
* Sand beach chair starts at $10 in Walmart.
Put it all together in 30 minutes, and you have new, intuitive, hands-free transportation that is pleasure to drive.

All you need to do is to open hoverboard, disconnect and remove its battery, connect XD60 into power cable, drill 2 small holes next to joint point of hoverboard cover, to run extended cables out, and use any type of quick connector to join to bike battery power cable. Bike battery rails attached to HoverSeat pull tube with 2 self tapping screws. That is all. But, now you can ride anywhere for miles and miles, and tow gear behind!

Additional suggested mods to make riding experience even better are: (1) re-calibrate hoverboard from horizontal to 30-40 degree angle footpads position facing hoverseat, and (2) cover all 4 optical footpads pressure sensors with duct or electric tape, so that all 4 sensors are always engaged. Since you no longer riding standing, these sensors are no longer needed. Sensors located on 2 gyroscopic plates located next to wheels. Having sensors always on, means that you no longer need to have your foot always pressing on footpads when riding. Even light push to edge of hoverboard pads will propel it forward nice and easy. However, it is important to avoid holding power button down for longer than 1 second when sensors are closed, because that might damage gyro boards.


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