Aquatic Aviation – Flyboards, Hoverboards, and Jetpacks

Check out how to buy a Flyboard, Jetpack, and/or Hoverboard here:

We are based in San Diego, CA and also offer training, lessons, and shows/events!

Film produced by: Paul Bulka Jr.
Instagram: @entrebulka

Thank you to Franky Zapata and the Zapata-Racing Team for the sponsorship and making these awesome products for this video.
Zapata Racing:

Thanks to our Professional Athletes and DevinSuperTramp stars Aaron Gould and Jordan Wayment for taking the time to travel to make this video shoot. Thanks to Chris Wilson for your awesome jetpack skills! These guys have been seen by millions of people and are true pioneers of the sport. Also, thank you to Natalie and Olivia Paladin for making the shoot and making the products look extra sexy! 🙂 Give them a follow below!

Aaron Gould – @gooligonewild
Jordan Wayment – @jordan_wayment
Chris Wilson
Natalie Paladin – @nataliekpaladin
Olivia Paladin – @oliviapaladin

Thank you to FST Images, Anthony Smith, and Tempt Media for shooting and editing the video.

You can check them out here for all your media needs:
Tempt Media:

Thank you to Steve Anson for the awesome drone footage! He is one of the best pilots around and he can be found here:
Instagram: @inspiredrone

Music was done by “Prophit_City”. The song is called “Moving”
You can check out his Instagram for more info: @Prophit_City!

Big thanks to the Adventure R.I.B. Rides team for supplying the filming boats and yachts. If you are in San Diego and want to experience whale watching check them out! They also offer custom private charters.

Click here to check them out!:

Thank you to Tony Hawk and Birdhouse skateboards for letting us use your Hoverboard Equipment and jet ski for the shoot. If you’re looking for legendary SkateBoards check them out here:

Thank you to California Flyboard for their sponsorship in making this video. This company is the exclusive Zapata-Racing distributor of Flyboards, Jetpacks, and Hoverboards for Northern California

They can be found here:

This was shot in San Diego, CA

Special thanks to Venga Tequila for their sponsorship. Note* No athlete or person participating on the equipment in this video was under alcoholic consumption.

Check them out here:

Thanks to International DJ Nicky Saponaro of BashFeed for keeping the boat rocking all day!
Check him out here:

We would also like to thank everyone who came out for the video shoot and making this a reality!

And last but not least, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s the cool thing to do these days 🙂 or @aquaticaviation


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