Plug-In Electric Car Sales Are Surging This Summer


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After an all-time record in June (3,890), plug-in electric car sales in Italy surged once again in July to a near-record level of 3,690, which is 177% more than a year ago.

It’s really great to see, especially since the overall car market was down 11% year-over-year. The market share improved to 2.7%. Most of the sales are now plug-in hybrids – 1.5% share, compared to 1.2% for all-electric cars.

The total sales after the first seven months stand at 19,440 and 2.5% market share (here still BEVs are in the majority – 1.5%).

2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive
2019 Renault ZOE

The best-selling model in July seems to be the smart fortwo EQ (350 for the month and #2 with 1,545 YTD), but the top-selling so far this year – with a relatively big advantage – is the Renault ZOE (182 in July and 2,224 YTD).

The second and third best this month were: Volvo XC40 PHEV (302; #8 with 638 YTD) and very strong Ford Kuga PHEV (253; #6 with 951 YTD).

A quick look at the table reveals that in Italy, buyers are most attracted to small all-electric cars (Renault ZOE, smart fortwo EQ, Volkswagen e-up! and Peugeot e-208) and even Tesla Model 3 barely keeps the pace at #4 with 1,152 units YTD (we guess that the Model 3 could be higher, but was supply constrained due to the COVID-19 related lockdown in the first half of the year).

If the market prefers the small BEVs so much, the upcoming Fiat 500 electric should be a major hit.


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