Building a Wind Generator using a Hoverboard

JLCPCB Prototype for $2(Any Color):

We are going to built a wind generator using a hub motor..

This homemade wind generator is built by using permanent magnet brushless hub motor from an old hoverboard.

The hub motor can be a good generator as it produces sufficient voltage even with a quick spin of hand. So in this project we dissassembled an old hoverboard to use its brushless hub motor as a wind generator.
We have made a customized adapter to fit over the hub motor and act as a holder for turbine blades. Thus the blades will help the motor spin as the wind passes through the blades.
The wind turbine is able to produce 150 watts of power with a wind speed of nearly 5 to 7km/s.

Since our hub motor produces a three phase alternating current so to make it more useful what we are going to do is to design and built a three phase rectifier circuit which allows us to convert three phase AC into DC output.

The schematic, gerber files and the list of components for the rectifier circuit is avlaible here:

For more detailed information about the project visit the instructables blogspot:

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