Meet the Mighty Pups Ft. Chase, Rubble, Skye & More! ? PAW Patrol | PAW Patrol | Nick Jr.


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Love the Mighty Pups? ? Take a closer look at what makes the Mighty Pups so mighty. In this video, all your favorite cartoon character pups show off their new superhero powers and cool tools. Chase races to the rescue with light-speed power, Zuma makes waves with his water-surfing superpower, Rubble’s a master digger with superpower paws that can break through anything, Skye can really fly without her helicopter, Everest (the coolest pup around) gets even cooler, Rocky’s got super tools that can fix anything, Marshall’s ready for red-hot rescues and can fire up his paws, and Ryder, the leader of the pack, keeps up with the pups using a new high-flying jetpack. If you were part of the pack, what would your Mighty Pup power be?! Tune in to Nickelodeon on November 9th to catch the Mighty Pups in action! And if you’re looking for more ‘PAW Patrol,’ you can find full episodes weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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Meet the Mighty Pups Ft. Chase, Rubble, Skye & More! ? PAW Patrol | PAW Patrol | Nick Jr.

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