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UK utility EDF aggressively pushes EVs to its customers

Electric utilities have always been pretty keen on EVs, for obvious reasons. However, now that the possibilities of V2G technology are coming into focus, some utilities are becoming fervent EVangelists. Aggregating large numbers of EVs into giant “virtual batteries,” which is already taking place in pilots around the world, facilitates the integration of renewable energy resources, and offers an economical way to provide grid services such as load balancing and frequency regulation.

Utility pushes to encourage customers to drive electric are nothing new, but a new campaign by EDF Energy, which serves some 5.7 million customers in the UK, is one of the most detailed that we’ve seen.

The company recently contacted ratepayers to direct them to a web site full of EV-related offers and information. EV-friendly programs include: a special time-of-use tariff for EV drivers (half-price electricity on evenings and weekends); a partnership with leasing company DriveElectric that offers lease deals on a wide variety of EV models (ranging from £170 per month for a Skoda CITIGOe to £847 for a Tesla Model X); and a marketing hookup with charger manufacturer Pod Point. There are also programs for commercial customers.

EDF’s EV site also includes a selection of more-or-less accurate articles that extol the benefits of going electric and explain the various government incentives that are available (grants for EV and charger purchases, exemption from congestion charges, etc). There are even cute videos featuring jovial characters discovering the joys of electric driving.

Source: EDF Energy

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