Feed the Beast Minecraft #9 Jet Packs w/ PlayerSelectGaming


by Kivi



There is an episode missing…where I made the fuel pump and started making fuel but the file got corrupted somehow. :/
But it’s okay, since in this video, we make Jetpacks! To make the Jetpack we have to make a quick trip to the Nether though to get some glowstone!

Thanks for watching this episode of the Feed the Beast Minecraft series!
Also, Feed the Beast has been updated and there are versions for Minecraft 1.4.6. I am using the Mindcrack Pack from Feed the Beast that the guys on the Mindcrack server use.

Feed the Beast is a mod pack full of many different mods for Minecraft. Feed the Beast recently released their launcher which makes it easy to download and play the different version of FTB that are offered. You can use the Mindcrack Pack, the Direwolf20 pack, and many others.
You can also edit the mods you want the pack to use and add any addtional ones if you would like to.
Texture packs can also easily be changed within Feed the Beast.
If you have never played modded Minecraft, Feed the Beast may be a little overwhelming but it’s definitely fun and adds a whole new element of gameplay to Minecraft!
Such mods include Buildcraft, Railcraft, Redpower, Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, and many more!
Here is the FTB website

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