Futuristic Gyroscopic Bus Driving Simulator – Gyroscopic Transport Concept | Android Gameplay


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Futuristic Gyroscopic Bus Driving Simulator – Gyroscopic Transport Concept | Android Gameplay
Futuristic Gyroscopic Bus Driving Simulator is next-gen vehicle designed to straddle above the jam-packed traffic in metropolitan city. Maneuver transport bus to drop off citizens and tourists around the NY. Learn to control gyroscopic bus and drive on major metro city roads to be an ultimate bus driver. Pull race lever with full throttle for fast city bus driving. As a Gyroscopic elevated bus driver your duty is to transport passengers between the terminals around the modern city. Drive public bus above traffic rush without collision to reach destination on time. Get on board in gyroscopic bus control room to drive futuristic vehicle on all routes transporting civilians throughout suburban town and NY.

Straddling elevated bus is powered by flywheels wound-up in the morning, and would continue to be powered throughout the day from energy supplied by solar panels mounted on the roofs of the cars. pods are stilted on expandable legs that can both contract and enlarge depending on the context, meaning they can pass under bridges and vehicular overpasses with ease. This modern gyroscopic transport bus drives 12 feet above ground level so that city traffic flows beneath it without collisions. This future innovation is designed for fast paced world to counter the problem of city traffic jams and public transport. This gigantic modern bus has big passenger compartment to transport 100 passengers on subway station around metro city. Enjoy first of its kind gyroscopic bus simulator game with challenging and unique gameplay. Forget traffic rush problems on busy roads when you can drive elevated bus sky high from ground to transport passengers. This transit elevated bus is the future of public transport in major cities around the world like new york, paris, london, beijing, tokyo. The tunnel like structure can pass over the smart cars.

Take the passengers from gyroscopic transport bus station and drive them to their destinations in different parts of the metropolis. Your traffic skills of city bus driving this big coach will be tested while playing this game. Drive multiple elevated bus models in ultra realistic open world environment. Highly detailed futuristic transport bus vehicles with complex interiors will make you feel like driving a real bus! An ultimate blend of elevated bus simulator 2017 and modern coach driving games. Simply one of the best gyroscopic bus simulator 2018. Better than most of the coach, transport bus or double decker parking games. Experience impossible driving above city with amazing landscapes all streaming below in best futuristic bus driver simulator.

Gyroscopic Bus Driving Simulator Game features:
Provide pick and drop service to citizens & tourists around modern city
Unlock multiple buses as you progress in game
Real driver job of transporting passengers & tourists at multiple stations
Real gyroscopic bus physics implemented for precise driving
Massive open world 3D environment
Realistic city locations and sky high public terminals
Highly detailed autobus interior with controls
Amazing animations to pick and drop citizens.


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