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Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.play.free3d.gyroscopic.bus.driving
Welcome to the future of Modern Taxi Driving!! High Tech Gyroscopic Transit bus are the new and next-gen mode of public Transportation.

Futuristic Gyroscopic transit bus service is the future of public transportation in urban and city rush. Drive the high tech transit bus as real driver and guide it through city routes transporting office professionals, citizens and tourists. This gigantic gyro transit bus throttles and accelerate above road traffic and transport passengers within city and on urban paths. Get inside gyroscopic transport bus control room as a captain to drive it and provide taxi services. Accelerate with full throttle, avoid collision and drive through transit tracks. No#1 Futuristic Gyroscopic Bus Simulator Game of 2018.

Gyroscopic futuristic transit bus is electric so no need to refuel from gas stations and its 100% Environmental Friendly. This innovation in transit bus using gyro automobiles that fly and drive 10 feet above ground level are modern means of public transportation for citizens of city and urban areas. Traffic flows beneath this huge gyro bus without collisions.

To become a real gyro transit bus driver follow rules, don’t be a traffic racer to avoid car accidents. Gyroscopic elevated transport bus can transport up to 100 passengers at one time. Your traffic driving skills in this road rush will be tested while playing this gyro bus simulation game. This is the most modern form of the gyroscopic transit bus and ultimate futuristic flying cars. Heavy traffic and road rush is induced in this driving skill tester game to make it even more fun and thrilling experience, city futuristic bus is enabled to pass over the vehicles as the traffic gets jammed.

Gyroscopic Bus Driving 3D: Future Public Transport Simulator Game features:

– Exciting gameplay With Futuristic gyro transit bus vehicles.
– Massive open world 3D game environment.
– Real gyroscopic bus driving in Road Rash and Heavy traffic.
– Provide pick and drop service to citizens in City area and Urban Town Area.
– Amazing pick and drop citizen taxi services simulation.
– Multiple futuristic buses for selection.
– HD graphics.

The London Transport System has implemented the Modern, Environmental friendly and Futuristic approach in improving the mean of public transportation by introducing the futuristic gyroscopic transit bus transportation system. The system is implemented in Whole Europe including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as major cities. Main reason is to Provide rush free public transport.


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