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?Amazing | Futuristic | Vehicles That Will Take You To Another Level ▶7?

0:04 – HARMAN Rinspeed Oasis V10
You can count on Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht when it comes to reimagining mobility. With the Rinspeed concept vehicle “Oasis,” the ingenious self-driving electric vehicle for the city and surrounding areas, he refutes the deeply ingrained notion of the urban jungle that requires SUVs the size of battle tanks for the daily struggle for survival. His alternative concept: a maneuverable speedster with an integrated small garden plot behind the windshield.
Credit: https://www.rinspeed.eu/en/Oasis_21_concept-car.html

2:27 – Honda Self Balancing Riding Assist-e Motorcycle
Honda Riding Assist motorcycle, which leverages our robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest. Rather than relying on gyroscopes, which add a great deal of weight and alter the riding experience, the Honda Riding Assist motorcycle incorporates technology originally developed for the company’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device.
Credit: https://www.honda.com/mobility/riding-assist

5:14 – The ROboMObil
The ROboMObil is an electro-mobility concept based on intelligent central control of four Wheel Robots, which integrate the drivetrain, brakes, steering and dampers. The integration of the vehicle dynamic actuation systems in the wheel vicinity is a relatively new development.
Being a clean-sheet design, the ROboMObil explores the possibilities available for the future of mobility without the constraints applied by the modification of a conventional vehicle, making use of developments in intelligent systems from the field of robotics. With four mechanically independent modules, the ROboMObil allows the possibility of modifications to the chassis without affecting the powertrain, which is located completely in the two-axle modules, with the actuators fully integrated within the Wheel Robots. The other modules are the body, which forms the structure of the vehicle and carries the cockpit, and the battery mounted beneath the cockpit floor. An intelligent robot control concept provides the ROboMObil with enhanced maneuverability.
Credit: https://www.dlr.de/sr/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-11633/

9:38 – EO Smart Connecting Car 2
EOscc2 – An ultra-flexible micro-car for mega-cities
More and more people are drawn into the big cities of the world. Consequently, all of these cities have one challenge to face: Not enough parking space and very congested traffic, especially during rush hours. This becomes even more problematic when big cars are just used by single individuals.
Therefore, small, comfortable and safe cars are required and, in addition to that, the electric drive train provides possibilities to completely rethink what we know about individual transportation.
Big windows guarantee a good perception of the surrounding environment while an intuitive user interface provides easy access to all drive modes the robotic car has to offer.
Credit: https://robotik.dfki-bremen.de/en/research/robot-systems/eo-smart-connecting.html

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