Valmet Automotive To Produce Urban EVs In Germany


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Valmet Automotive, a contract manufacturer and engineering service provider, announced an expansion of its site in Helmstadt-Bargen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany to produce EVs.

The company is gearing up for “small series” production of EVs for “urban mobility”, but in did not reveal the make or model.

Officially, we know only that Valmet Automotive will start production of an undisclosed all-electric urban vehicle in 2021 and that it also provides development services for the project.

“The construction of prototypes and small-series vehicles is one of the important entrepreneurial pillars of the Valmet Automotive Group. So far these vehicles have been produced mainly in Bad Friedrichshall on behalf of customers. The company has been manufacturing in Helmstadt-Bargen since 2014.”

“The decision taken in 2019 to expand production for prototyping and small series in Helmstadt-Bargen is part of the Valmet Automotive Group’s strategic focus on electric mobility. At the location nearby Heilbronn, new solutions for urban mobility are to be implemented in addition to the traditional business.”

Valmet Automotive is gradually focusing on electric vehicles. According to press release, especially high interest coming from “start-up companies and firms that are entering the market with innovative products”, which suggest that it will an all-new EV form a start-up.

The site in Helmstadt-Bargen has a production space of around 8,500 m2 and employs 62 people.

In 2019, Valmet Automotive has started production of lithium-ion battery packs in Salo, Finland, in a former Nokia plant.

In Uusikaupunki, Finland, where the main car manufacturing site is, the company has also a prototype and small series battery plant:

In its history, Valmet Automotive produced Th!nk City electric cars and the original Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in hybrids.


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