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Do you know what is a Hyperloop? Have you ever thought about getting from one place to another really, really fast? What if I were to tell you about a super, super, SUPER fast mode of transport?

People from different countries are working on a futuristic transport system called The Hyperloop. India is already working on a hyperloop project. It will run from Mumbai to Pune.

Here are some interesting facts about the hyperloop

1. Hyperloop is a system with small vehicles called pods that will carry people through long, massive vacuum tubes. These tubes will rest on columns or be constructed underground.

2. With hardly any air-resistance of friction to slow them down in a vacuum, the pods will whizz through the tubes. The pods will go through the tubes, levitating all the while.

3. The idea is to work towards the speed of sound, about 1,235 kilometres per hour

4. It is expected to be environment-friendly since the tubes will have solar panels on the roof, allowing for a clean and self-powering system.

5. Safety tests for the hyperloop are being carried out right now.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Watch storyteller Rohini Vij of NutSpace as she reads from the book Whoopee…Hyperloop! Written by Shreelata Menon, illustrated by Satya Krishna Prakash and published by Pratham Books.

This simple story will help children know more about this futuristic transport system from the point of view of Vishnu, a curious young boy who hates long journeys.

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