Diveo – Hoverboard (ft. Austin Crute)


by Kivi




Don’t you want your very own skateboard that levitates on air?
Hoverboards can go really fast
Ours is guaranteed to last
So call the number on your screen
Or order through your fax machine
I swear you’ll never beat our price

Someday I’ll see you again
Remember when we were friends?
I’m sorry for what I did
I’ll just dream that you’re here
And we’ll just

Go on my hoverboard
No I’ve never felt this love before
Fly away with me
Why are you make-believe

You’re a fairytale, you’re a dream
I engraved your name on my technology
They can find us swerving through the clouds
feel the water vapor
riding ‘round in heaven
you can be my angel
I’ve got a crush, like pepsi-cola
Head over heels, like I’m doing yoga
Come fly with me, girl I know you wanna see me
Flying ‘round the country, I can take you to my city

Turn the mic up, turn the lights down

Turn my hoverboard on and I’m elevated, faster than a bullet train accelerates
I’m tracing a maze to my destination as I calculate the ways to your place

Turn left bank right and the only thing that’s on my mind is how the breeze reminds me of the times we would be together staring in each other’s eyes like gazing into space

And I miss the way we wandered through the atmosphere maneuvering and tracing waves of air without a care without a fear cause you were here – every moment I was with you is a treasure

And girl I thought we’d be together forever and ever but you said it was never and better to sever the ties, tethered to lies, I guess that everything dies, girl, whatever

And I’m elevated
And just make sure those beats go
And I miss the way we wandered through the atmosphere
And girl I thought we’d be together forever
But you said it was never


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