Futuristic Transportation | GM SURUS Truck | Ford Hololense | Reviver Digital License Plate


by Kivi



So in todays episode we are going to start with Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure or gm SURUS truck platform. The surus platform is modular and can be loaded with different abilities. This autonomous mobile platform can be outfitted for different jobs and has a wide range of uses other than being just a fuel cell platform with autonomous tech. This autonomous mobile platform is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.
Next we will take a gander at Ford using the Microsoft hololense to design its cars. The ford hololense project allows designers to develop their Team Edison electric vehicles. The way ford hololense used for design makes sense compared to sculpting full size clay car models.
Finally we wrap up with the reviver digital license plate. They will be beta testing these in 5 southern states to see about their viability. The rPlate license plate is like an Ipad for your car. These electronic license plate will allow the government to track your movements. But it is cool, a digital license plate.
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