Tony Hawk and the $10 000 HOVERBOARD!

Is it a scam? well kinda.

For certain when they claim to be the first ‘real’ hoverboard, this is BS. Others have made ‘hoverboards’ previously using either magnetic or aerodynamic levitation.

Looks like their hoverboard works on magnets rotating over a conducting, but non-ferromatnetic surface. Its basically the same technology as a maglev train. The only difference is they’ve kinda hybridized it with quadcopter technology. That I’ve gotta admit is a clever idea. In practice however its almost worthless as it just cannot supply the power to lift ratio to do anything useful. Further the engines only seem to be able to lift their own weight plus 50 % extra. Thats just impractical for any sensible application.

They then go on to suggest they will levitate houses with this, to save them from earthquakes, floods and rising sea levels. This is just so stupid its amazing that noone in the mainstream press seems to have picked up on how crazy an idea this is.

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