Best All-terrain Off-road Hoverboard Review & Demo

This Hoverboard is an Off-road model which generally means that the wheels are larger and the motors more powerful than a regular hoverboard. In this case the wheels are 8.5″ in diameter and each wheel has a 350 watt motor attached to it, making 700 watts of drive power in total.

In my humble opinion this is the best off-road hoverboard because it is a perfect balance between price and quality. When I bought it it was over $500. Now these models have come down to around $250 or less. I don’t need a fancy iPhone app, but I do need the carry bag that was included.

I am somewhat of a novice on hoverboards but i did find that with a bit of practice that I could get the hang of it. This off-road model is super sturdy with an internal aluminum frame, strong PVA type plastic fenders and rubber foot-mats which are over the foot switches used to control it.

Off-road hoverboards also have an off-road tread to the tires which gives them a far better grip on gravel, grass and mud surfaces.

Because I am a novice and going off-road is bumpy, making the hoverboard more difficult to control, I didn’t demo it on the grass or gravel and instead stuck to a nice tarmac path. That may be cheating but I was not going to risk my neck just for this video!

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