Halo Board, Hoverboard Scooter! REVIEW


by Kivi



➜ Halo Board: http://bit.ly/2m96Fto
➜ Watch more hoverboard videos! https://goo.gl/v6KacO

This is the first HOVERBOARD that actually kinda looks and feels like a hoverboard. It’s a gyroscopic, self-balancing, electric, twin-wheel hoverboard scooter.

*ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!* (I’m okay from the fall, no worries. It was a miracle from God that I didn’t smash my skull on the curb. I’m wearing my helmet from now on!)

Main Specs & Features:
-Nice build quality and sweet design. Very sleek and futuristic looking. I love the fully wrapped LED’s and glowing headlamp, looks amazing while riding at night.
-Subtle battery indicator at the front of the board
-Built-in carrying handle underneath the board
-Four rubber pads on each corner to help prevent scratching and sliding. (Replacement pads can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/2m96Fto)
-500W motor, 36v Samsung battery
-Weight limit: 265 lbs
-Max distance: ~12 miles
-Recharge time: ~1 hour
-Top Speed: ~10 MPH

Once you balance out, it’s a lot of fun riding all around. It feels like you’re snowboarding or surfing on pavement, plus it looks really cool!

My biggest complaint:
-Low ground clearance (3 inches) and small 8″ wheel size. I really wish it was raised up just another inch or two, and/or with a taller wheel design so it was easier to fly off-roading or in the sand. I also found with the low ground clearance, it can bottom out very easily on hills, sidewalks, or if you lean too hard forward. (It’s what happened to me, and threw me off as seen in video. Sorta dangerous.)

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