Hoverboard kart | How fast and what distance ?


by Kivi



Hi, my name is Christian Thomas.
Ever wonder how fast a Hoverboard Go kart is or what distance it can travel?
Hopefully I answer all those questions here. This is the H1 Hoverboard and the Yabbay Go kart attachment. I bought these myself.
This is seriously fun and faster than it looks.
I test to see how far a hoverboard kart can go using gps.
The Hoverboard can be used on it’s own or you can attach a kart.
The straps are the main thing that would need replacing as they do drag on the ground a bit.
The steering of the kart is easy and actually makes it feel as if it is a complete unit.
My main tip would be to place your hoverboard with the power button at the back, it is a lot easier to turn off before dismounting.
I also wanted to see how fast a hoverboard kart can go, using the built in app was easy but I suspect it goes slightly faster than it says.
I hope you guys enjoy this vlog, I hope to inspire, motivate and entertain at the same time.
If you want to subscribe that would be great, we can create a fantastic community of individuals.


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