Jet Suit vs Drone!

Challenge : Could Richard fly accurately enough to take down a very cheap drone by kicking it, without it just getting blown away by the jet thrust? Who knows, any practical reason….not really! But could be fun trying!

It was a cheap quadcopter from amazon and it was actually fun to review what $40 would buy you. It was fairly wobbly in the hover, but amazing for the money. Even more impressive was the fact it didn’t suffer any damage despite the two crashes. Still, clearly no where near as good the DJI Mavic 2 that did the high shots in the clip.

TED 2017 talk:
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With a rich family history in Aviation, former Oil Trader & Royal Marines Reservist, Richard Browning, founded pioneering Aeronautical Innovation company, Gravity Industries in March 2017 to launch human flight into an entirely new era.

The Gravity #JetSuit uses over 1000bhp of Jet Engine power combined with natural human balance to deliver the most intense and enthralling spectacle, often likened to the real life Ironman.

Gravity has to date been experienced by over a billion people globally and covered by virtually every media platform. The Gravity Team, based in the UK, have delivered over 100 flight & Speaking events across 30 countries including 5 TED talks.

“The team and I are delivering on the vision to build Gravity into a world class aeronautical engineering business, challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation, and inspire a generation to dare ask ‘what if…”

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