⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 6 Futuristic Methods of Transport You Won't Believe


by Kivi



These new futuristic methods of transport are totally amazing and crazy!

1.Renault Float :
The Float is designed to take the social interaction of Facebook into the world of cars. The glass machine will look like a bubble when on the roads, floating around using magnetic levitation tech, while able to connect to other pods to create a weird bubblewrap-style convoy. Seats can swivel and sliding doors open to force you to interact while The Float can bob around in any direction.

A leader in personal mobility, is proud to add the MAX to its popular Ninebot KickScooter family. The MAX is the perfect combination of the M365 and the ES4. With significant improvements in every aspect, The MAX is more powerful than ever.

This product is battery powered and is about the size of a laptop. And although it looks like it can’t hold much weight and is made from aluminum, it can apparently have as much as 265 lbs on board.

A clever backpack component that you can wear on your back or pull like a rolling luggage, and holds up and away for when you need to dash down some subway steps or go inside a building for work.

Bolt lets you move on the street with amazing freedom, thanks to a remote controller with two speed settings. Commuting is both stressful and time consuming, but with Bolt, you have everything you need to make your commutes quicker and more enjoyable.

6.The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with City Pilot is well able to meet this challenge: it has a top speed of 70 km/h on the open road, is able to recognize obstacles and pedestrians on the road, comes to a precise halt at bus stops, opens and closes its doors, moves off automatically and communicates with traffic light systems.

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List Of Inventions:

Renault Float: http://bit.ly/2X9MQGv

Ninebot KickScooter MAX: http://bit.ly/2XNWqvL

Walkcar: http://bit.ly/2KV1V7Z

Movpak: http://bit.ly/2Ikj8WT

Bolt: http://bit.ly/2WK1Ypq

Mercedes Future Bus: http://bit.ly/2FcnWeR

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