How to Convert a Hoverboard into an Electric Go Kart (Cheap and Easy)

In this video, I show you how to build a nice Electric Kart (I call it Hovercar) from a Hoverboard. I wanted to build an electric car for my daughter, so, here it is. I just built one for her ground up, including:
– System Architecture
– Mechanical design and realization
– BLDC Motor control
– High level software development
– Embedded software development
– Diagnostics and Functional Safety
– Function calibration
– Final testing and validation

The kart is responsive and drives very nicely. High torque and fast response even at low speed. I hope I can buy an electric car in the future. Otherwise, I will build it myself.
Because the future is ELECTRIC.

What is nice in this project is that the parts were not modified irreversibly, making possible to restore the hoverboard and the kart back to their initial factory functionality.

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Firmware Mainboard:

Firmware Sideboard:


Spare Mainboard Kit:

Kettler Kettcar Daytona Air:
Other models from here can also fit:

ST Link V2 Programmer:

2 x Pedals:

Front LEDs:

Other possible front LEDs:



M5 Bolts and Nuts:

Plywood: can be found in the local hardware stores.

Music: Adventures – A Himitsu (No Copyright Music)


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