Mercedes New Car Can Drive Sideways


by Kivi



Mercedez-Benz new super car concept can actually drive itself sideways! That’s right, not only is it a self driving electric vehicle, but it can rotate its tires to run sideways across tight turns, instead of skidding. This is the next stage of super cars

Mercedes Benz and James Cameron have come out with a car that is meant to evoke the lush and beautiful future of Pandora from his hit film Avatar and the results are predictably enough crazy. The wild looking car communicates with its driver not through paltry steering wheels and pedals but through a biometric joystick that communicates with your own pulse and breathing. With sustainability in mind, keeping with the theme of being one with nature from the movie, the car is awash in renewable and organic material down to the batteries that power the car. This crazy concept has some futuristic abilities, including the ability to drive sideways like a crab and use an array of 33 scales on its back to communicate with other drivers and manipulate the air around the car. While the car is striking and super advanced it’s never meant for consumer hands, rather for car shows and press events to show off Mercedes technology and help promote the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster Avatar movie. Just like how Avatar revolutionized 3D movie technology, the AVTR for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, is meant to revolutionize what it is we think of as a car and how we communicate with them. Let’s take a deep look at what the AVTR can do and how much of it can we expect to see in future cars.


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