Most FUTURISTIC Eco-Friendly Travel Locations!


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10. Tetrahedron Superyacht
Okay so superyachts are very cool and all the absurdly wealthy types have them. But even though it’s one of the ultimate status symbols, the superyacht has its drawbacks. For one thing, the ocean is not always predictable and it can be tough to enjoy a glass of champagne if the boat is rocking back and forth, right?

9. Oceanscapers
A famous architect who sees Mother Earth as inspiration for his designs is Vincent Callebaut, from Belgium but based in Paris. Though it might be more accurate to call him “Poseidon”, as he’s developed this super cool idea to have self sufficient floating villages on the ocean built using 3D printers and algae!

8. Unique Circle Yacht
The late Iraqi-British architect Dame Zaha Hadid decided to turn her attention to water-borne transport a few years back, creating a design that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! This is the Unique Circle yacht, seen as an eco-friendly alternative to those multi-million dollar floating fortresses you normally spot at sea!

7. Boomerang Island
Usually with a boomerang you throw it and it comes back to you. Well this concept for a stunning futuristic island is shaped like Australia’s famous sporting item for a reason! This people-made island was made with this boomerang shape to maximize sustainability and its ability to create its own energy.

6. The Lilypad
Look a little familiar?? Also from the creator of the Oceanscaper, Vincent Callebaut comes the Lilypad. This takes the idea of a floating community and expands it on a city-sized scale!
Officially known as the floating ecopolis, this is Vincent’s solution for future climatic refugees, people that will be displaced because of rising sea levels.

5. Plane with a Pool
When you’re on a plane, don’t you wish you could just take a quick dip in the pool?? Well, actually I’d never even thought of that but Emirates has!! They are clearly thinking outside the box!!
Emirates posted detailed images proposing to put a pool and a gym, and even a park onboard the world’s largest commercial airplane!! Because, why not?!

4. Airship “Aether”
Airships have had a bad press over the past century or so, with tragedies such as the 1937 Hindenburg disaster brought to mind when the word ‘airship’ is even mentioned. But one designer is determined to prove there’s more to the idea than a volatile, dangerous fiery balloon of death travelling through the clouds.

3. Submersible Yachts
Alright so there’s a yacht that’s shaped like a really cool pyramid and it can hover above the water. That’s all well and good. What else can you do with a yacht, you might be wondering? Well Austrian group Migaloo have just the solution… submerging your yacht underwater so you can avoid getting spied on by paparazzi.

2. Physalia H2O
That Vincent Callebaut is not done yet!! I’ve already covered a couple of his designs for eco-friendly marine cities and here he is again with this snazzily-named creation which is basically a wild-looking, big floating garden.

1. Streets of Monaco
There are few locations as glamorous and exciting as Monaco. The only problem is that to enjoy it, you have to go there. And you can’t take it with you when you leave!!
UNLESS, the thought of travelling aboard a giant replica of the famous city floats your boat…literally LOL!! It’s only at concept stage at the moment though, so don’t start salivating just yet.

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