Volkswagen ID.3 Lands In Norway For First Deliveries


by Kivi



The first batch of more than 700 Volkswagen ID.3 1ST arrived in Norway by ship early today.

The company has released images of the ID.3 going down the ramp and Volkswagen’s Jürgen Stackmann shared a video, explaining that the cars are on their way to dealers and then to customers.


We don’t know how many ID.3 1ST were ordered in Norway, but it should be one of the biggest markets for two reasons – general EV sales and the popularity of the Volkswagen brand.

First deliveries in Europe, simultaneously in multiple countries, will start in September.

Volkswagen ID.3 Landed In Norway

In total, some 30,000 ID.3 1ST launch edition will be delivered to customers, and afterward, only regular versions will be available – in three battery capacity sizes (although not all from the beginning).

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